Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Royals Versus Giants World Series Preview

World Series
Well, we have reached the World Series, and of course, the match up features two wild card teams. ESPN has called this Series the worst World Series match up ever. They tried to make that argument based on the fact that this is two wild card teams. That is not really the case however. They are just upset because there is no big flashy name in this series. This is not Dodgers-Yankees or Red Sox-Phillies, this is Giants-Royals. I personally think this is a refreshing world series for a change. For those of you who are sick and tired of the same old line of New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, etc., this series is for you. Personally, I believe this series has a chance to be one of the best ever.

The pitching in this series is going to be absolutely phenomenal. Both of these teams have ridiculous bullpens and strong rotations. One of the keys to winning this World Series will be whoever figures out how to get some offense on the other team’s bullpen. Te key for the Royals bullpen will be to get four leads to Matt Holland. If they can do that, the Royals win this series, and I expect if the Royals can just get four leads to their bullpen, they will have an easy time.

For the Giants, they will need Madison Bumgarner to continue pitching how he has been pitching. One of the keys for the Giants in this series will be if Bumgarner can win two games. If he can, they have a great shot to win this series. If not, their chances of winning this series decrease dramatically. Overall this will be a closely contested series. Final verdict: Royals in 7 in a very low-scoring series.

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Predictions on the 2014 League Championship Series

ALCS 2014
The final four are set for baseball. In the American League, it will be Baltimore vs. Kansas City. In the National League it will be San Francisco vs. St. Louis. Here is my take on these matchups.

American League Championship Series - This will be the most refreshing baseball playoff series in a long time. For those of you who are sick of the same old line- the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Angels, etc., this is for you. We have the Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals. If anyone has figured out Ned Yost baseball, please enlighten the rest of the world. He takes his ace out of a "win or go home" game in the 6th inning. He pinch runs for one of his best hitters with two outs on the board already in a tie game. He shifts when he shouldn’t. He zigs when he should zag. Yet, he makes it work, and here is his young Royals team in the ALCS. This pitching staff of the Royals will have their work cut out for them against this powerful Orioles lineup that embarrassed the Tigers bullpen in the ALDS. However, the Royals have one of the best bullpens in the game, so it is unlikely the Orioles can depend on scoring 8 runs in the 8th inning to win the game in this series. For the Orioles, can they pitch with the Royals for seven games? Postseason usually comes down to pitching, and Orioles pitching staff really isn’t that great. Final Verdict- Royals in six.

National League Championship Series - This blog has a lot of Brewers fans, and you all need to take a deep breath before you keep on reading. I have a lot of a respect for the St. Louis Cardinals, and it really bothers me when people show them such a lack of respect that they have earned from every single person on the planet. The Cardinals are not the Yankees or the Dodgers; they do not have an unlimited payroll. If they did they would have not let Albert Pujols walk without contest like they did. The Cardinals do not buy their way to success they build it. Some of you just need to accept the fact that there are certain teams out there that just flat out know what they are doing, know what they want in a player, and go and those players, and the Cardinals are one of those teams. Show some respect please. Anyways, this will be yet another Giants-Cardinals NLCS. I am looking forward to it. The pitching in this series will be insane, and whoever can find a way to score a few runs wins. Final verdict- Cardinals in seven.

Friday, October 3, 2014

MLB Post Season Predictions

MLB 2014 Playoffs
Well, another baseball season has come and gone. Let’s take a look at the postseason match ups for the divisional series.
Kansas City vs. Los Angeles Angels- The Angels finished the season with the best record in baseball at 98-64. They will have home field advantage in the American League playoffs. The Royals had to go through the wild card play in game, and what a wild game it was. The Royals feel behind 7-3 before a wild late inning comeback sent the game into extra innings. The Royals won in 12 innings 9-8. With the loss, the meltdown for the Oakland Athletics is complete. But which meltdown was worse? We will debate that at a later date in between now and the start of next season. Kansas City now heads to Los Angeles for the first two games of this series. At this point, I think the Royals have a better chance than the Athletics to win this series so this is good for baseball. Final verdict: Royals in 4.

Detroit vs. Baltimore: Many think the Tigers have the best roster in baseball, but they really haven’t shown it at times this season. Justin Verlander has really fallen off the map since his Cy Young award run. Max Scherzer is going to get the ball for game one of this series against Chris Tillman for Baltimore. In game two Verlander will get the ball against an undecided pitcher for Baltimore and David Price will get the ball in game three for Detroit. I think Baltimore is on a mission this postseason. Final verdict: Baltimore in 5.

St. Louis vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: This is the big one that everybody is looking forward to, especially game one. In game one, Adam Wainwright will get the ball for St. Louis and he will go against Clayton Kershaw for Los Angeles. Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get any better than that matchup right there. Bold prediction: whoever wins this game wins this series. I say the Dodgers do, and my final verdict is Dodgers in 5.

San Francisco vs. Washington- I was not expecting what I saw in the Giants-Pirates wild card game. I have maintained all season long the Pirates are the best team in baseball if they just believe in themselves. Well the didn’t against the Giants, and as a result they went home. The Giants now head to Washington to face the Nationals. The Giants have a lot of experience which could come into play. The Nationals have the best roster left in the postseason. Nationals in 5.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brewers Off Season Moves | Ryan Braun Needs To Go

Brewers off season moves 2014
As The Milwaukee Brewers playoff hopes fade into the abyss, Pittsburgh won last night so that means one more Brewers loss or one more Pirates win and it’s a done deal, it is time to take a look into the Brewers off season. Here are some items they need to address this off season, and we will delve deeper into them after the season is over.

Who will play first base? The Brewers decided to go with a platoon of Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay this season, but that is not a good long term strategy. Matt Clark has lay well in his September call up, but that is no guarantee he will be a good major league first basemen. I believe the Brewers are ready to wash their hands of Hunter Morris, who was never able to take that final step and make it to the major league roster. Jason Rodgers played a little bit of first, but he is not considered to be a first basemen by any stretch of the imagination. For now, Clark is the first baseman heading into the off season.

What about third base? It is safe to say that Aramis Ramirez’s career is coming to a close, as age has finally gotten the best of him the last couple of years. That happens and that is expected, but it is time to move on without him. The Brewers do not have much behind him in the system, so for now Jason Rogers is the third basemen entering into the off season. Expect the Brewers to look outside of the system for this answer.

Can Milwaukee get Jean Segura back on track? After a historic start to his major league career, Segura came crashing back down to reality in 2014. Segura batted just .239 this season and Hector Gomez is getting a long look in September as a result. Segura may need to compete for his job in the spring with Gomez.

Braun Needs To Find A New Ball Club In 2015

What to do with Ryan Braun? This has been some story, hasn’t it? Braun is having about the worst possible season he or the Brewers could have asked for coming back from the suspension. It appears as if Braun is not the player that the Brewers think he is. This off season, if they can find a taker, someone, anyone, to just dump his salary onto, they should take the deal and run.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Brewers Playoff Chances In 2014 | Cardinals Take Over The NL Central

Brewers Playoff Chances 2014
The Milwaukee Brewers entered this last week looking to make one last gaps at getting back into the postseason picture. They had six road games, three in St. Louis, and three in Pittsburgh. They needed to win a bare minimum four out of six to stay in it, and most likely five out of six. Instead, they lost four out of six, and probably should have lost them all if you look at the two games they won. The offense has gone completely silent. This is interesting because all of us analysts to begin the season said what will get the Brewers this season is that they will not hit some, but not enough to overcome their bullpen problems. However, we didn’t think they would go silent like this. More on that next week. For now, let’s take a look into the postseason now that the picture is clearing up.

For as bad the Brewers meltdown was, the Oakland Athletics was far worse. In fact, advanced analytics say that Oakland’s collapse is the worst statistically in the live ball era. Wow. Still Oakland holds the first spot in the wild card play in game. That is the good news. The bad news is that both the Royals and the Mariners sit just one game back of them. It will likely be Jon Lester who goes in the wild card play in game for Oakland if they get there. If the Mariners get one of the spots, Felix Hernandez will start the game for them. If Detroit ends up in the wild card play in game, it will be David Price or Max Scherser that goes for them. If Kansas City ends up in the wild card play in game, big game James Shields will go for them. No worries for Baltimore or the Los Angeles Angels though. They both won their divisions last week and are sitting pretty entering the postseason.

Over in the National League, the St. Louis Cardinals have taken control of the NL Central and have secured a postseason spot. Pittsburgh sits three games behind them but holds that second wild card spot by 4.5 games over Milwaukee. At this point, it looks as if Pittsburgh will play San Francisco in the wild card play in game and the only two teams who can mathematically interfere with that are Atlanta and Milwaukee. The Braves are about mathematically out of it, as they have just a 0.1% chance of making the playoffs at this point as one more loss or win by either Pittsburgh or San Francisco will finish them off. The Brewers sit 4.5 out of the wild card play in game and have just a 3.0% chance of making the postseason. Washington holds the best record in the National League a 14.5 game lead in their own division, which obviously means they won it a long time ago. In fact, the National have a chance largest margin of victory in terms of games won by in the division since the 2002 Atlanta Braves who won the NL East by 19 games.