Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Doorman Reporting From Spring Training

Milwaukee's very own "Doorman" will be in Maryville for the next two weeks reporting on the various ongoings of the Brewers during Spring Training.

For those of you not familiar with the "Doorman", all one has to do is watch a Brewers game at Miller Park on TV. He is the big guy that sits next to the opposing teams dugout and shows the players of the visiting team where they are to go after striking out. He mockingly points the players back to their teamates in the dugout. He shows them the "door" so to speak. It's pretty hilarious and there are many times that a player and the Doorman exchange some unpleasantries.

On any given Brewer home game that is telecast the Doorman probably get about 30 minutes of serious face time. Just look for the burly guy that is probably wearing one of his many jerseys and looks like Lionel Ritchie.

The Doorman has been going to spring training for years and has a ton of baseball knowledge.
We are lucky and very fortunate to have him bring us some Brewer love. Please look for his insightful posts and please make some comments of your own.

Go Brewers!!

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