Saturday, March 17, 2007

Looking Very Good...

Well over the past week I've seen the Brewers three times. The first game held March 12, was an ugly affair against my favorite steroid boy, Sammy Sosa and the Rangers. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be a good game when Carlos Villaneueva left the game after four impressive innings with the Brewers holding on to a slim 2-1 lead. Soon our young gun Mr. Gallardo was in, and it wasn't pretty. After a very shaky inning two thirds giving up four hits, and three walks and a very truly scary moment when a 95 mph fastball hit Nelson Cruz in the head, the Brewers were behind to stay.

I guess Sammy knew I was down close to the Brewers batting circle because he lined a ball off that missed me by two seats. I guess Sammy wanted to say hello in his own special way. Thankfully I didn't catch that one in the face.

On Friday, March 16, Ned and the Crew headed to Tempe Diablo to take on the LA Angels. Sadly most of the front line guys stayed behind, as Brady Clark and Gabe Gross were the only semi-regulars to make the trip. However, Ryan Braun made the trip, and while he didn't get a hit, he didn't make an error either! It was a well played game, and while the drunken Angels fans that happened to be sitting next to us never noticed, the Brewers took the game 3-2, with an impressive outing by Claudio Vargas. Gallardo pitched better this time out, despite giving up a couple of hits. Thankfully T-Bow is looking like he did in the first half of 2006, as he pitched a scoreless 8th inning (thanks to a base running blunder by the Angels he didn't blow the lead). Action Jackson finished the 9th for the save as the Brewers won 3-2.

Today St. Patty's day, yes they serve green beer in Arizona, the Brewers looked very impressive. Although they were going against the Oakland A's Joe Kennedy, who pitched more like his days in Colorado. Kennedy was crushed in the first inning as the Brewers scored 5 runs, as Weeks, Hardy, Fielder, Hall, Estrada, Mench and Gross all got on board before Corey Hart struck out for the first out of the inning. The Oakland fans who witnessed that performance were quite pleased with the first out of the inning.

Rickie did a great job today with a couple of hits and great base running. While Dave Bush did give up a homer to Mike Piazza (yes I think it just landed), the Brewers destroyed the A's pitching by going up 9-2 after three short innings. The sun was very hot today, and so were those Brewers bats. With 17 hits, several guys enjoyed the day. Gabe Gross who does have an option left played DH and picked up a couple of hits. Brady Clark replaced Hart late and went hitless. He also misplayed a ball that landed for a double late in the game.

It looks like the battle for LF is going down to the wire as Mench looked a lot like the player Doug Melvin picked up last year. He's batting .393 after a couple of hits today. Gross & Nix both have options left, so you can expect to see both of them sent down by the end of spring. The big question is going to be what are they going to do with Brady Clark. He's clearly frustrated with his lack of playing time, and the at bats he is getting late in the game aren't the greatest. Although he is hitting .273 after today's game, he just looks very frustrated.

We'll see who gets out of Ned's doghouse first, Jenkins or Mench, the winner will be playing LF this summer, the loser could be dealt.

Well it is off to Tempe to hit the Irish Pub for a Guiness...or two.

The Doorman

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