Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Opening Day Just 5 Days Away

Hey, Brewer fans! It's hump day and we only have five days until the opener. I can smell the wonderful aroma of brats and polish sausage billowing out of all the tailgaters Weber grills right now. My mouth is watering just thinking about all those wonderful beef and pork delights moving from my mouth to my stomach, aided by the numerous cold beers I intend on consuming. Miller Park is calling my name!!

I'll tell ya what......... I like the way the Brewer's squad is shaping up. I like the starting pitching and I think we have plenty of offense. It will be interesting to see which player will occupy the last roster spot. Nothing against Vinny Rottino, I like him, but if it comes down to him and Tony Gwynn Jr. for the last spot................... I have to go with Gwynn. I love Tony's speed and he is an awesome bunter. The Brew's bunting last year was atrocious. Who knows, maybe both Vinny and Tony will break camp with the team if Melvin, Yost and company decide to beginthe regular season with 11 pitchers.

So, the only question left I have for y'all is.................. Do you have your Milwaukee Brewers Tickets for opening day? I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What say you?

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