Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thank You Doorman

Thank you to the Doorman for being such a terrific ambassador for us on the ground in Maryvale, Mesa and the surrounding Phoenix area. I very much appreciate his wealth of baseball knowledge and the time he is taking to break down the daily happenings at "Camp Brewers".

It looks like the Brewers strong starting pitching and depth is going to be a major plus for the club. Having Villanueva as a safety valve to spot start and/or step in in case of an injury or log some innings in the bullpen is huge. I'm sure Capuano will bounce back after his beating last week; he is a solid, smart pitcher. He'll be fine. The rest of the starters look solid.

I was wondering about what options the Brewers had with some of their outfielders. I'm happy that the Brewers have an option left with both Gross and Nix. Having nineoutfielders in camp is quite a logjam. I will say that it does provide some healthy competition, though.

It's so awesome that the Milwaukee Brewers will be playing their home opener in only two weeks. Hey, Doorman? If you had to guess right now, what do you think the roster will look like when the Brew breaks camp and comes back to Brewtown?

What say you?

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Opening day is going to sick at Miller Park. Does anybody know what time they open the parking lot?