Tuesday, May 1, 2007

16-9 April Very Impressive

16-9!! Boy, The Milwaukee Brewers and their fans sure have a lot to be happy about these days. To be the only team in the NL Central above .500 . To be getting significant contributions from many players. Getting 13 wins from its starting pitching and stellar relief from its pen.

Yes, all of this good fortune has made this April one of the best in recent memory. I realize that it's very early in the season. Let's face it Brewer fans, it seems like we're always waiting for that "anvil" to fall on our heads. Maybe this year will be different.

The Brewers are getting the job done across the board. They have been putting runs up early in the ball game, getting strong starting pitching and closing games out with solid relief. It's great to see the Crew playing with confidence and beating teams with substance, not just "smoke and mirrors".

Everyone........... Take a deep breath and be happy. I know it's a long season. Try to appreciate the Crew's first month.

Let's hope the Brewers have as much success in May as they have had in April.

Get out to Miller Park and check out your 1st Place Milwaukee Brewers.

What say you?


J Kid said...

Come on Brew, keep the barrel rollin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

The Brew is rockin like Dokken