Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice Beginning to Road Trip in LA

Boy, it sure is nice to get the first victory of a three game series on the road. The Brew did just that last night in Los Angeles. Rickie Weeks' four hits and Prince's two long bombs gave the Crew some much needed fire power.

After a 3-7 record in its last ten games, I'm sure the prospect of a six game west road trip gave the Crew a little anxiety. Hopefully the brewers woke up today feeling a little more relaxed. I'll tell ya what, even though the brew went 3-7 before last night's victory....... it could easily have been 1-9.

I can't say 3-7 is very impressive but, at least the Crew only lost four games to .500 instead of eight games if they would have gone 1-9.Right now the Brewers are 11 games over .500. Let's hope they can get back to Brew town at that 11 or 10 game over .500 mark.

Let's beat up Randy Wolf tonight!!

Go Brew Crew!!

What Say You?


end interleague play said...

Hi, please forgive this cut-and-paste comment.

I've started a petition to tell Major League Baseball that a significant number of fans dislike interleague play and want it abolished.

Please visit Petition to End Interleague Play and read it. If you agree, please sign it and consider posting it on this blog.


I'm hoping to spread the word among serious baseball fans. I realize it may do very little, but I thought it was time we stop complaining to each other and tell management how we feel. Thanks!

J Bone said...

I very much appreciate your comment and for taking the time to post it on my blog.

That being said, I can't say that I share your sentiment regarding interleague play.

Take care.