Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ryan Braun Gets First Start in Brewers Loss

Welcome to the major league, Ryan Braun. The Brewer's top prospect got called up on Thursday and Ned Yost promptly inserted him in the lineup Friday Night. Braun batted second and looked pretty comfortable at the plate. He doubled in a run, had a sacrifice fly and looked good at third base.

It was nice to see the Brewers not have to move someone off their active roster down to Nashville to make room for Braun. He gets a sniff of big league play without too much pressure.

Boy....... Ned didn't waste any time giving Braun a shot. He threw him right into the fire by inking him in the # 2 slot in the lineup. Many young players would be shaking in their boots upon coming to the ballpark for their first game in the "show" and seeing their name near the top of the lineup. Braun looked relaxed and did a real nice job.

It's too bad the Crew took one on the chin last night. Bush got rocked! Too many pitches at the belt. He better start getting his pitches down. I like Bush. I think he is a tough comepetitor. Hopefully, Maddux and Castro can get him back on track. If not, look for Villanueva to make a start in the not too distant future.

Let's go Brew! You fellas got to get one in the win column tonight. Think possitively, Brewer fans. The Crew has a nice lead in the NL central and they have gone 4-10 as of late. Bring the Crew some love tonight and let them here your shout outs!

Go Brew Crew!

What say you?


Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Prince Fielder is killing it!!!

J Kid said...

It's good to see the Brewers continue to keep the ball rollin' with bringing in young talent. Hardy, Gwynn, Fielder, Weeks, will Braun be the next piece of the puzzle?