Friday, June 8, 2007

9 Game road trip a Real Test

The Milwaukee Brewers open a very important nine game road trip in Texas tonight against The Rangers. As far as I'm concerned Crew fans, this nine game stretch will be a true indicator of what kind of ball club we've all been cheering for this season.

The Texas Rangers have been horrible this year. Texas is a team that the Brewers have to beat if they want to be considered a contender for the division. The Brew needs to take two out of three in Arlington.

The Detroit Tigers are a quality ball club. Taking two out of three in Detroit will be a tall task.

It's always a battle at the dome in Minneapolis. Again, winning two out of three will be difficult.

5-4 on this trip is what I want to see. Anything better is complete gravy. With the way the Crew has been playing, 5-4 is probably a stretch.

If the Brew can score some early runs consistantly, like they did their first 35 games, I think they have a pretty good chance of having a decent road trip. If not........... don't expect much.

C'mon Brewers, let's see a solid trip!

Cheer on the Crew, people! We'll see ya at Miller Park for the Giants series on 6/18.

What say You?

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teacher said...

What happened to the Brewers tonight? Have we already seen the apex of the season?