Friday, July 27, 2007

Brewers Choke At Great American Ball Park; Drop 3 of 4 to Last Place Reds

The Brewers lost another heartbreaker yesterday afternoon in Cincinnati. 1-3 in Cincinnati............ Not very impressive. As my father used to tell me when he used to go out of town for work, "it's lonely on the road, Jimmy." I'm starting to wonder if the Brewers are suffering from homesickness.

Whatever the reason for their horrible play on the road, facts are facts. They are now 10 games under .500 away from Miller Park. It's concerning and becoming pathetic.

It seems the Brewers find a new way to lose every away game. Yesterday it was Cordero with the blown save. Wednesday Night it was poor hitting and relief problems and Monday night's game was lost because of many squandered opportunities.

I know this is a young team. Maybe young teams have to go through this to make themselves stronger. I can only hope the Crew turns it around as soon as possible. How about splitting the series in St. Louis? That almost sounds like wishfull thinking.

Let's go Brewers!

What say you?

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Hugh Jass said...

I remember this one time back in 1978. I ran into your old man while he was on a business trip just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was in a Stucky's restaurant ordering a large coffee and a bear claw to go. I said to myself, damn, that guy looks lonely.