Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Crew Loses a Heartbreaker; Capuano's Pitching Gem Wasted

Chris Capuano has pitched very well his last two outings. He's pitched 15 innings and given up a total of two runs. His two quality starts have been desperately needed, especially with Ben Sheets recent trip to the disabled list. Unfortunately, the Brewers bats have not given Cappy any support.

Last nights 2-1 loss to the Reds was a tough one to swallow. Capuano pitched eight terrific innings, walking none, striking out seven and he only gave up one run. Apparently, Chris' performance wasn't good enough. He was actually out pitched by Aaron Harang, who hurled 10 innings allowing only one run and striking out 10 Brewers. It was a great pitching duel.

Even though Harang pitched a beauty, the Crew certainly had their chances to put the game away. The Brew couldn't have had a better chance to cash in then in the 11th inning. They had the bases loaded with nobody out and couldn't get a run across. Not good, Brewer fans!

I know a lot of people are mad at Grant Balfour for pitching like a jack ass in the 12th inning but, it should never come down to that. The Crew should have scored at least one run in the 11th and then handed the ball over to Cordero to close it out. Could of, should of.........didn't!

The Brewers are now nine games under .500 on the road. That doesn't cut it, folks. I know they have one of the best records in the majors at home. That's great. As far as I'm concerned, the Brewers are going to have to play better on the road if they want to win their division and be considered a real contender for the pennant.

Hurry back, Bill Hall!! Your boys need someone to protect Prince!

Hopefully the Crew can bounce back tonight. If not, it could be another real ugly road trip.

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