Friday, August 17, 2007

Cardinals Pound Brewers; Sweep Series

Wow! How bad can things get for the Brewers? I can't see how they can get much worse after getting absolutely pounded by the surging Cardinals. It wasn't even close, fans.

Besides the outing by Dave Bush yesterday, the starting pitching was terrible and there was virtually no offense except for the three runs scored in the 1st inning of game one.

Can somone please explain to me why Ned Yost flip flopped Fielder and Braun in the lineup? Absolutely moronic! These two guys have been the only consistant hitters the last three months. Why mess around with the only thing that's working offensively? When Braun bats 3rd, he gets fastballs. When he bats 4th, he gets zero fastballs. How did both players fair with Yosts' brilliant move..................Try 4-19! I'm sure Ned wanted to put a right handed batter between Fielder and Jenkins. Why not worry about lefty or righty matchups until later in the game, Yost? Give me a break.

Right now the Brewers are a bad baseball team. 38-49 after starting 24-10. Terribly disappointing.

Is there any reason to think that the Brewers are going to snap out of it and make a serious run at winning the division? I wouldn't be surprised if the Crew finishes 10 games under .500. Should Yost lose his job?

What say you Brewer Fans?

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