Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Series Win In Houston; Time to Stangle Cardinals

I take off my hat to the Brewers for getting the job done in Houston. Taking two out of three games, especially the come from behind thriller on Saturday night, was just what the doctor ordered for the Crew.

Now Milwaukee faces a Cardinals team that is playing much better baseball as of late for a three game series. The Crew has an opportunity to step on St. Louis' throat and pound them further down in the standings. Don't let them breathe nor give them any hope!!

Can Chris Capuano finally get a win? Zero for his last 14 games pitched? How is that possible? I'm sick of excuses. "The offense let him down"......"The Relievers coughed up his lead"......., "The Dog ate Chris' homework"......... Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. Just win a game, Capuano!
I'll tell ya what, Brewer fans, if Capuano goes out there and lays another egg......it's time for Yost to put him in the pen.

It comes down to winning series', folks. There is no more important game than the one facing the Crew that day. In other words, the most important game of the year today is the game today.

Make the '82 Brewer players proud today, Cappy and Crew!

What say you?

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