Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Brewers Take Series 2-1 Against Cards; Lose Final Game With Controversial Plunk

It's not easy sweeping a team. The Brewers found that out last night against the Cardinals, dropping the third game in the series 7-3. The Cardinals took the season series 8-7. It's been eight years since the Brew took a season series against the red birds.

With last night's loss, the Brewers remain two games behind the Cubs with four games left in the regular season. The Brew had a golden opportunity to climb to within one game with the Cubs losing another game to the pesky Marlins.

Can the Crew make up two games on the Cubs with four games left? I think so. That said, last night was a little say the least.

How can Ned Yost beam Pujols on purpose, putting a runner on base down 3-2 in the 8th inning? Completely moronic! Why bother trying to send Jerk Larussa a message? Yes, "Drunk" Larussa threw at Prince earlier in the game. It was wrong and it is important for players to know that their manager has their back and will do what he can to protect his players.
But was it appropriate to retaliate at such an important time in the game? I think not! Send a message by winning a very important game, Ned. If you want to get into a pissing match with Larussa, meet him outside the clubhouse after the game.

I wouldn't have had a problem sending a message in a 7-1 game. Don't give a team a base when losing by one run late in the game. Inexcuseable!!

And now..........this Derrick Turnbow re-occuring problem. First, why would you bring in Turnbow with a runner on base? How often has that worked out for the Crew? Second, why would you leave Turnbow in the game when he just walked his second straight batter.....loading the bases? Do Ned and company actually think that Derrick can turn things around on the mound when he is struggling with his control? How many times do they have to be proved wrong? Obviously, far too many!

Why not bring in Cordero to get the last out in the 8th? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Seems like a reasonable question to me.

People often ask me......Hey, Brickyard. Why are you so hard on Yost? Isn't it obvious? He gets out managed far too often. I just hope the Brewer brass comes to their senses and makes this Ned's last year as manger. I think that he is a horrible game manager. I can't comment on how he handles his players and what he's like in the clubhouse. For all I know he very well might be doing a good job getting his players ready to play and might be a good fit for this young club. These are important attributes of a good manager. As a field general, Yost is grossly lacking.

Hey, Brewer fans........ This season if far from over. The Crew still has a shot. They have to take care of business against the Padres and need some help from the Marlins and Reds. Good things can still happen, folks.

Get out to Miller Park this weekend and help your Milwaukee Brewers beat up on the Padres. Good luck on the Playoff run, Brew!!

What say you?

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Majr Scales said...

I'm a cardinal fan but was ready to root for the Brewers to make the playoffs over the Cubs. But your manager hurt your team's chances of making the playoffs with deliberately hitting Pujols. I won't defend LaRussa but I guarantee that if the roles were reversed he would have made WINNING the game more important than getting even. Retaliation is a part of the game (even Albert knew it was coming) however sometimes you have to wait until the next season sometimes. Bad move Ned, hope you don't miss the playoffs by one game . . .