Friday, November 23, 2007

Brewers Sign Kendall; Move Estrada

Hey, Brewer Fans.

It was nice to see the Brewers make a couple of moves. Cutting Johnny Estrada loose and signing Jason Kendall for a one year deal were good moves to make. It appears that Estrada was kind of a cancer in the clubhouse( that seems to be the case wherever Johnny hangs his cleats). Although Kendall had an off year with the bat and didn't have much success throwing out runners, he brings some much needed pitcher/catcher/situational knowledge to the Crew.
Jason knows how to call a good game and he will be very good with our young starters. And.....We only had to commit for one year.

I don't think the Brewers are done making moves. I'm looking forward to seeing what Mr. Melvin does next. Ya got to let the "mustache" work his magic. I feel good about this team.
Keep the faith!! Check out the Crews latest moves at

Go Brewers.

What say you?

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