Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mitchell Report Good For Baseball

The George Mitchell Report is a good thing for Major League Baseball. While it's true that it isn't very likely that any players named in his report as "users" will be brought to any kind of justice(fines$$$$, suspensions, etc.), the report does represent a platform of sorts for baseball to move forward and get clean.

It will be critical for Selig and his acolytes to work cloesly with the Players Union in order for there to be any meaningful drug policies and testing. Some how the Union is going to have to capitulate and allow blood testing. Without it, there will be no credibility to any testing policy.

There have been scores of broadcasters and reporters that claim that the Mitchell report is pointless. I wholeheartedly disagree. It shouldn't be all about punitive action. Mitchell does offer his hard findings regarding 80 some players. Even though these players won't be fined nor suspended, their reputations have taken a hit. Players don't want to be on this list.
Additionally, this list is by no means the only thing that can come out of Mitchell's report. Mitchell offers MLB a number recommendations regarding its future drug policies/enforcement and testing.

Let's hope that Major League Baseball gets it's act together and comes up with a clear, meaningful drug policy. For the good of the game, the health of its players and the message it sends our youth.

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