Monday, December 10, 2007

Signings of Gagne and Torres would soldify bullpen

Pending Eric Gagne's no surprises physical and Salomon Torre's decision not to retire, the Brewers have certainly shored up their bullpen. I love their new found depth with Riske, Mcclung, Aquino, Wise, Shouse, Mota, Choate, Torres, Turnbow and Gagne. The bullpen now has a nice combination of power and finesse. The Crew also has the flexibility of using Bush, Vargas, Capuano and Villinueva in the pen. Not too shabby!

I know $10 million is a lot of cash for a reliever with some recent injuries and surgeries and signing Gagne would be a risk, but at least the Brew would only be on the hook for one year. Some times you have to roll the dice, folks. I'd much rather have Gagne, Riske and Torres than Cordero.

I love the way the Brew is shaping up for '08. Melvin is the man! Get ready to get out to Miller Park and see the Crew kick some butt!

What say You?


jimmyb1799 said...

I completely agree. Let's hope Torres decides not to retire. It would give us a lot of options in the bullpen...something we haven't had in a long time. I'm excited for 08!!!!

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teacher said...

How long until we see that Melvin "sucks". Why not give the the Twins Prince, JJ Hardy, Braun, and 100 million bucks for Santana??

teacher said...

Is a guy really worth getting if he is on the juice?