Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Opening Day Just 5 Days Away

Hey, Brewer fans! It's hump day and we only have five days until the opener. I can smell the wonderful aroma of brats and polish sausage billowing out of all the tailgaters Weber grills right now. My mouth is watering just thinking about all those wonderful beef and pork delights moving from my mouth to my stomach, aided by the numerous cold beers I intend on consuming. Miller Park is calling my name!!

I'll tell ya what......... I like the way the Brewer's squad is shaping up. I like the starting pitching and I think we have plenty of offense. It will be interesting to see which player will occupy the last roster spot. Nothing against Vinny Rottino, I like him, but if it comes down to him and Tony Gwynn Jr. for the last spot................... I have to go with Gwynn. I love Tony's speed and he is an awesome bunter. The Brew's bunting last year was atrocious. Who knows, maybe both Vinny and Tony will break camp with the team if Melvin, Yost and company decide to beginthe regular season with 11 pitchers.

So, the only question left I have for y'all is.................. Do you have your Milwaukee Brewers Tickets for opening day? I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What say you?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Farewell to Brady

So long, Brady Clark. Clark was traded yesterday to the LA Dodgers for relief pitcher, Elmer Dressens. With this move the Brew addressed its overcrowded outfield situation and added some needed depth to the relief corps.

I've always liked Clark. He's a hard working player's player that's always the first player to the ballpark. That being said, the Brew had to move an outfielder and that player happened to be Brady.

Brady Clark fans won't have to wait long to see the most recent ex-Brewer. Clark will be in town playing at Miller Park as a Dodger on opening day, April 2.

What say you?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Braun & Gallardo, Not Quite Ready For Prime Time...

On Monday, March 19, I had the pleasure of watching the Brewers take on the hated Chicago Cubs. Let me tell you, it wasn't very pretty. For those of you watching on TV (I know you turned it off after the first inning), you missed a long game. Yovani Gallardo, the Brewers top pitching prospect has not looked good this spring. It may be nerves, or it might just be that teams are knowing what to look for. Check that, when you can't throw strikes, teams just wait for the meat over the plate. Most of his pitches on Monday were high and the ones he got down were hammered by the Cubs, most of whom won't be playing in Chicago in April. The kid is going to be a very good pitcher, but for 2007, look for Gallardo to start the season in AAA, with a possible late season call up if this spring didn't hurt his confidence.

As for the Cactus League's leading home run hitter, Ryan Braun, fans got to see a glimpse of the talent, and got to see a glimpse of why he won't be heading north this spring. Ryan came in to the game in the 6th inning as a pinch hitter with two runners on, and the Brewers down 10-4. Some kid named O'Malley was on the bump for the Cubs and while he wasn't serving left over green beer, he was serving up a big fat pitch that Braun deposited over the center field wall. Ryan shows so much confidence at the plate, he really does look like a seasoned vet. However, in the 7th inning, he showed why he won't be going north with the club. He made a great diving stop on a ball hit to his left, got up, and did what he's being doing all spring, rushed his throw and sent it into the Brewers dugout. His feet weren't set, and he did what a lot of young players do, they make the great glove play and then think they don't have any time and rush the throw. It reminded me a lot of when Rickie Weeks was playing with the Brewers in 2004, you could see the talent, but there just needed to be more time spent on his defense.

Ryan is going to be a very good player for the Brewers, and with an infield of Fielder, Weeks, Hardy and Braun, people are going to remember this team like people think of the LA Dodgers infield of the 70's with Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey. They really have a chance to be that good.

While fans will be chomping at the bit to have Braun head north with the club, I have faith that the Brewers will take their time and let Ryan start the season in the minors with a mid season call-up.

FYI, if we see Corey Koskie in a Brewers uniform doing something other than sitting on the bench I'll be VERY surprised.

Word has it, that Mr. Jenkins is very unhappy with Mr. Yost over his treatment this spring. With the hot seat that Yost is on this year, he is showing everyone that he'll go out on his terms. We'll see if it backfires on him.

The Doorman

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thank You Doorman

Thank you to the Doorman for being such a terrific ambassador for us on the ground in Maryvale, Mesa and the surrounding Phoenix area. I very much appreciate his wealth of baseball knowledge and the time he is taking to break down the daily happenings at "Camp Brewers".

It looks like the Brewers strong starting pitching and depth is going to be a major plus for the club. Having Villanueva as a safety valve to spot start and/or step in in case of an injury or log some innings in the bullpen is huge. I'm sure Capuano will bounce back after his beating last week; he is a solid, smart pitcher. He'll be fine. The rest of the starters look solid.

I was wondering about what options the Brewers had with some of their outfielders. I'm happy that the Brewers have an option left with both Gross and Nix. Having nineoutfielders in camp is quite a logjam. I will say that it does provide some healthy competition, though.

It's so awesome that the Milwaukee Brewers will be playing their home opener in only two weeks. Hey, Doorman? If you had to guess right now, what do you think the roster will look like when the Brew breaks camp and comes back to Brewtown?

What say you?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Looking Very Good...

Well over the past week I've seen the Brewers three times. The first game held March 12, was an ugly affair against my favorite steroid boy, Sammy Sosa and the Rangers. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be a good game when Carlos Villaneueva left the game after four impressive innings with the Brewers holding on to a slim 2-1 lead. Soon our young gun Mr. Gallardo was in, and it wasn't pretty. After a very shaky inning two thirds giving up four hits, and three walks and a very truly scary moment when a 95 mph fastball hit Nelson Cruz in the head, the Brewers were behind to stay.

I guess Sammy knew I was down close to the Brewers batting circle because he lined a ball off that missed me by two seats. I guess Sammy wanted to say hello in his own special way. Thankfully I didn't catch that one in the face.

On Friday, March 16, Ned and the Crew headed to Tempe Diablo to take on the LA Angels. Sadly most of the front line guys stayed behind, as Brady Clark and Gabe Gross were the only semi-regulars to make the trip. However, Ryan Braun made the trip, and while he didn't get a hit, he didn't make an error either! It was a well played game, and while the drunken Angels fans that happened to be sitting next to us never noticed, the Brewers took the game 3-2, with an impressive outing by Claudio Vargas. Gallardo pitched better this time out, despite giving up a couple of hits. Thankfully T-Bow is looking like he did in the first half of 2006, as he pitched a scoreless 8th inning (thanks to a base running blunder by the Angels he didn't blow the lead). Action Jackson finished the 9th for the save as the Brewers won 3-2.

Today St. Patty's day, yes they serve green beer in Arizona, the Brewers looked very impressive. Although they were going against the Oakland A's Joe Kennedy, who pitched more like his days in Colorado. Kennedy was crushed in the first inning as the Brewers scored 5 runs, as Weeks, Hardy, Fielder, Hall, Estrada, Mench and Gross all got on board before Corey Hart struck out for the first out of the inning. The Oakland fans who witnessed that performance were quite pleased with the first out of the inning.

Rickie did a great job today with a couple of hits and great base running. While Dave Bush did give up a homer to Mike Piazza (yes I think it just landed), the Brewers destroyed the A's pitching by going up 9-2 after three short innings. The sun was very hot today, and so were those Brewers bats. With 17 hits, several guys enjoyed the day. Gabe Gross who does have an option left played DH and picked up a couple of hits. Brady Clark replaced Hart late and went hitless. He also misplayed a ball that landed for a double late in the game.

It looks like the battle for LF is going down to the wire as Mench looked a lot like the player Doug Melvin picked up last year. He's batting .393 after a couple of hits today. Gross & Nix both have options left, so you can expect to see both of them sent down by the end of spring. The big question is going to be what are they going to do with Brady Clark. He's clearly frustrated with his lack of playing time, and the at bats he is getting late in the game aren't the greatest. Although he is hitting .273 after today's game, he just looks very frustrated.

We'll see who gets out of Ned's doghouse first, Jenkins or Mench, the winner will be playing LF this summer, the loser could be dealt.

Well it is off to Tempe to hit the Irish Pub for a Guiness...or two.

The Doorman

Monday, March 12, 2007

'member me?

  • The Giants traded me to the Brew in 1985.

  • In 5 seasons with the Brewers, I hit 137 home runs.

  • In those same 5 seasons, I struck out 823 times.

  • In 1990 I left Milwaukee after I signed as a free agent with the Detroit Tigers.

Who am I? (highlight space below for the answer)

Rob Deer

Friday, March 9, 2007

When Your Weatherman Leaves Town...

You know you're in trouble if you stayed behind, and you know you're in good hands if you're heading in the same direction he is! Well that was the case for me on Thursday as WTMJ's Paul Joseph decided that he and his wife had enough of Wisconsin's weather as well and headed down to Phoenix along with all of us pasty kids.

Thankfully for the next week the outlook looks simply beautiful! With a low around 85, I think I'll be able to handle the change in climate.

Today I was able to check out the Brewers as they took on the KC Royals, or as my fiancee says,
"the most pathetic franchise in sports." While they look like they're heading in the right direction, today was not KC's day.

Prince looked incredible, he seems to be recovered from the quad pull, getting three huge hits, and legged out a double as well as went from first to third without any problem. He's hitting .800, and I think if he keeps that up for the rest of the year, it will be some kind of record. Capuano looked really good, especially in the second and third innings when he went three up three down with a couple of k's.

JJ Hardy and Rickie Weeks also looked pretty good today, no problems in the field, and while they didn't get any hits, they both hit the ball on the screws.

The one guy who was really impressive was Laynce Nix, he took one deep, but the most impressive thing was his three outstanding catches in the field. Laynce won't hit for the Crew, but they need his glove as a 4th outfielder.

Overall the team looked good, and getting the win by scoring two runs with two outs in the bottom of the 9th off old Brewer Wayne Franklin (remember how grateful we were when he was on the Brewers), who showed why he should have retired last year. Franklin's ERA is currently 19.29, which if you ask me, might just be about a run higher than even the Royals can accept.

By the way, the beer is very cold, and the weather is very hot.

The Doorman

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Go South Young Man!

I'm happy to report that within 12 hours, I won't have to wear a parka for two weeks. While that isn't probably what anyone who has to live in Wisconsin wants to hear, it is something I've been counting down since last March!

Yes, Arizona is calling, where the weather doesn't figure to get below 75 degrees during the day, I'll be quite happy to enjoy all that Phoenix has to offer. Of course seeing the Brewers will be front and center, just getting out from under two feet of snow is the main reason!

I'll be checking in on the Brewers on Friday when they take on the Kansas City Royals. While I would have hoped that my first game in Arizona would have been between the Texas Rangers and my beloved Brewers. It would have been my first chance to say hello to a dear old friend, Mr. Sammy Sosa, late of the Cubs, late of muscles that weren't made by Wheates. I guess I can thank Sammy for his ability to strike out, because thanks to Sammy not being able to hit an 85 mph "fastball" from Victor Santos, I was featured on Sports Center, and the rest as they say, is history.

We'll see how the Brewers look and I'll try to give you my take on what to expect for 2007.

The Doorman

Doorman Reporting From Spring Training

Milwaukee's very own "Doorman" will be in Maryville for the next two weeks reporting on the various ongoings of the Brewers during Spring Training.

For those of you not familiar with the "Doorman", all one has to do is watch a Brewers game at Miller Park on TV. He is the big guy that sits next to the opposing teams dugout and shows the players of the visiting team where they are to go after striking out. He mockingly points the players back to their teamates in the dugout. He shows them the "door" so to speak. It's pretty hilarious and there are many times that a player and the Doorman exchange some unpleasantries.

On any given Brewer home game that is telecast the Doorman probably get about 30 minutes of serious face time. Just look for the burly guy that is probably wearing one of his many jerseys and looks like Lionel Ritchie.

The Doorman has been going to spring training for years and has a ton of baseball knowledge.
We are lucky and very fortunate to have him bring us some Brewer love. Please look for his insightful posts and please make some comments of your own.

Go Brewers!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I was checking out the Milwaukee Brewers Schedule and the weekend series against the Minnesota Twins really jumped out at me. The Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers used to be a heated rivalry and I didn't stop disliking the Twins until the Brewers moved the National League. Now that they are in different leagues, I find myself liking the team and appreciating everything that they have accomplished on a limited payroll. I hope that the Brew Crew follows the same path as the Twins have all the way to the playoffs.

If you are considering buying Milwaukee Brewers Tickets to any home series this year, I recommend that you catch a game versus the Minnesota Twins. When else can you see the reigning MVP(Justin Morneau), AL Batting Champion(Joe Mauer) and Cy Young(Johan Sanatana) winner play in one game?

If The Minnesota Twins are also your favorite American League team, I found an excellent way to stay on top of all Minnesota Twins News. Check Out Minnesotatwinsfan, it is an excellent baseball blog.

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Fever

I have got the fever! Billy Hall. Prince. Rickie and Ben. Corey Hart and "The Soup Can". A hitting catcher that can call a nice game for Capuano. I am suuuuuuuuuper fired up!! Let me go on record and say right now..... The Brew, 95-67. Winners of the central division. Man, that sounds so sweet.

What say you?