Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ryan Braun Gets First Start in Brewers Loss

Welcome to the major league, Ryan Braun. The Brewer's top prospect got called up on Thursday and Ned Yost promptly inserted him in the lineup Friday Night. Braun batted second and looked pretty comfortable at the plate. He doubled in a run, had a sacrifice fly and looked good at third base.

It was nice to see the Brewers not have to move someone off their active roster down to Nashville to make room for Braun. He gets a sniff of big league play without too much pressure.

Boy....... Ned didn't waste any time giving Braun a shot. He threw him right into the fire by inking him in the # 2 slot in the lineup. Many young players would be shaking in their boots upon coming to the ballpark for their first game in the "show" and seeing their name near the top of the lineup. Braun looked relaxed and did a real nice job.

It's too bad the Crew took one on the chin last night. Bush got rocked! Too many pitches at the belt. He better start getting his pitches down. I like Bush. I think he is a tough comepetitor. Hopefully, Maddux and Castro can get him back on track. If not, look for Villanueva to make a start in the not too distant future.

Let's go Brew! You fellas got to get one in the win column tonight. Think possitively, Brewer fans. The Crew has a nice lead in the NL central and they have gone 4-10 as of late. Bring the Crew some love tonight and let them here your shout outs!

Go Brew Crew!

What say you?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice Beginning to Road Trip in LA

Boy, it sure is nice to get the first victory of a three game series on the road. The Brew did just that last night in Los Angeles. Rickie Weeks' four hits and Prince's two long bombs gave the Crew some much needed fire power.

After a 3-7 record in its last ten games, I'm sure the prospect of a six game west road trip gave the Crew a little anxiety. Hopefully the brewers woke up today feeling a little more relaxed. I'll tell ya what, even though the brew went 3-7 before last night's victory....... it could easily have been 1-9.

I can't say 3-7 is very impressive but, at least the Crew only lost four games to .500 instead of eight games if they would have gone 1-9.Right now the Brewers are 11 games over .500. Let's hope they can get back to Brew town at that 11 or 10 game over .500 mark.

Let's beat up Randy Wolf tonight!!

Go Brew Crew!!

What Say You?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Tough Road Trip For The Brew

The Brew is taking it on the chin on this current road trip. After my boys and I checked out last Sunday's game at Shea, a tough 9-1 flogging at the hands of the Mets, the Crew headed to Phili where they have lost the first two games of a four game series.

After blowing a 6-2 lead and losing 8-6 on Monday, the Brewers lost a tough one 4-3 last night.
Derrick Turbow took the loss in both games.

162 game season is one long season. Every team is going to experience some tough times. Apparently, this is one of those times for the Brew. As a team, the Crew is struggling at the plate and starting to get some inconsistency out of their pen, Derrick Turbow the most recent culprit.

It would be nice to see Rickie Weeks break out of his current funk and get back to setting the table for the boppers and scoring some runs. If Rickie continues to struggle, Maybe Ned might want to consider moving him down in the lineup to say 7th or 8th and let Tony Gwynn lead off for a game or two.

I certainly don't think it's time for Yost and the Brewer faithful to push the panic button. This is a quality team and quality teams find a way to end losing streaks and get back on track.

Hopefully the "Soup Can" pitches well tonight and the bats start warming up. Let's see this losing streak end at three games.

Go Brewers!

What say you?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Wow!! Are you kidding me? A 9-1 homestand has improved the Brew Crew's record to a
phat and gawdy 24-10! So many contributions from so many players. I hope that Yost and company really enjoy the next couple of days and try to take all this in. This is one hell of an accomplishment.

My boys, Hugh Jass and Sir Bigguns, and I are heading to the Big Apple to check out the Crew and Mets games at Shea Stadium. We are Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper fired up!!

Hopefully my boys and I can bring the Brew some luck. We'll shoot you all a holler from N.Y.C.

Take care and go BREWERS!!

What say you?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

16-9 April Very Impressive

16-9!! Boy, The Milwaukee Brewers and their fans sure have a lot to be happy about these days. To be the only team in the NL Central above .500 . To be getting significant contributions from many players. Getting 13 wins from its starting pitching and stellar relief from its pen.

Yes, all of this good fortune has made this April one of the best in recent memory. I realize that it's very early in the season. Let's face it Brewer fans, it seems like we're always waiting for that "anvil" to fall on our heads. Maybe this year will be different.

The Brewers are getting the job done across the board. They have been putting runs up early in the ball game, getting strong starting pitching and closing games out with solid relief. It's great to see the Crew playing with confidence and beating teams with substance, not just "smoke and mirrors".

Everyone........... Take a deep breath and be happy. I know it's a long season. Try to appreciate the Crew's first month.

Let's hope the Brewers have as much success in May as they have had in April.

Get out to Miller Park and check out your 1st Place Milwaukee Brewers.

What say you?