Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mitchell Report Good For Baseball

The George Mitchell Report is a good thing for Major League Baseball. While it's true that it isn't very likely that any players named in his report as "users" will be brought to any kind of justice(fines$$$$, suspensions, etc.), the report does represent a platform of sorts for baseball to move forward and get clean.

It will be critical for Selig and his acolytes to work cloesly with the Players Union in order for there to be any meaningful drug policies and testing. Some how the Union is going to have to capitulate and allow blood testing. Without it, there will be no credibility to any testing policy.

There have been scores of broadcasters and reporters that claim that the Mitchell report is pointless. I wholeheartedly disagree. It shouldn't be all about punitive action. Mitchell does offer his hard findings regarding 80 some players. Even though these players won't be fined nor suspended, their reputations have taken a hit. Players don't want to be on this list.
Additionally, this list is by no means the only thing that can come out of Mitchell's report. Mitchell offers MLB a number recommendations regarding its future drug policies/enforcement and testing.

Let's hope that Major League Baseball gets it's act together and comes up with a clear, meaningful drug policy. For the good of the game, the health of its players and the message it sends our youth.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Signings of Gagne and Torres would soldify bullpen

Pending Eric Gagne's no surprises physical and Salomon Torre's decision not to retire, the Brewers have certainly shored up their bullpen. I love their new found depth with Riske, Mcclung, Aquino, Wise, Shouse, Mota, Choate, Torres, Turnbow and Gagne. The bullpen now has a nice combination of power and finesse. The Crew also has the flexibility of using Bush, Vargas, Capuano and Villinueva in the pen. Not too shabby!

I know $10 million is a lot of cash for a reliever with some recent injuries and surgeries and signing Gagne would be a risk, but at least the Brew would only be on the hook for one year. Some times you have to roll the dice, folks. I'd much rather have Gagne, Riske and Torres than Cordero.

I love the way the Brew is shaping up for '08. Melvin is the man! Get ready to get out to Miller Park and see the Crew kick some butt!

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little news at Winter Meetings Not So Bad

The Milwaukee Brewers didn't make much front page news at the Winter Meetings; But that's just fine. The Crew finalized a three year deal with Riske and picked up a few guys in the Rule 5 draft.

I know that this doesn't seem too exciting or very sexy, but just because the Brew didn't make a big splash and make that proverbial "big deal" doesn't mean the Crew failed in Nashville or isn't setting something up in the not too distant future. A big part of going to the Winter Meetings is for the powers that be to "press some flesh" and bounce things off one another. Just because a deal with a particular player(s) didn't get done in Nashville, it doesn't mean that a deal(s) can't be done soon after the meetings break.

As Melvin said recently, the Crew doesn't have as many holes to fill as they used to. This is a good looking, young team that only needs a tweak here and there.

I'm feeling very good about this team and have a lot of confidence in Melvin and company.

Relax, people. There is still plenty of time for the Brew to make a move or two. And if they don't.............don't sweat it . It's all good!!

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Meetings Start Today; Crew Trying to Ink Riske

Melvin and Company are now in Nashville for MLB's annual winter meetings. What will happen a hop, skip and a jump from the Grand Ol' Opry? First on the Crew's to do list is finalize a deal with reliever David Riske. I'd be very surprised if the deal isn't done by mid-week. It looks to be a three year deal in the works and the Brewer "Brass" will make this deal happen. The Brew needs some middle relief help and Riske's durable arm would be a nice addition to the staff.

It's always fun to hear the rumors fly when the Winter Meetings are upon us. What do ya think about the Scott Rolen rumor? I've always liked Rolen, but he sure gets hurt an awful lot. The only way I can see him coming to the Crew is if the Cards picked up at least 1/3 of his contract. Also........Where would you put Braun? I'd like to see Ryan get another year of 3rd base under his belt.

This week will be interesting. Some team(s) always pay(s) too much. I don't see the Brew falling into that trap. Check out these sites for any Brewer moves: or

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