Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers Signing of Cameron A Good One

Pending a no surprise physical, The Milwaukee Brewers signing of Centerfielder Mike Cameron immediately makes the Crew a better team.

Cameron is a solid centerfielder that gives the Brewers certainty and depth. After he serves his 25 game suspension, Cameron starts in centerfield, Billy Hall moves to 3rd base and Ryan Braun moves to leftfield. This signing brings closure to a number of questions as to which free agent(s) is/are the Brewers going to sign and where are Hall and Braun going to play.

Now Braun and Hall know where they are going to play and can concentrate on that position. The less uncertainty in baseball, the better.

Bottom line............This signing makes the Brewers a better baseball team. And I love the fact that the Crew is on the hook for less than $5 million. Beautiful!! I love Doug Melvin!!

Go Brew Crew!

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