Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Year Deals For Capuano and Vargas Give Crew Depth

The one year deals given to both Chris Capuano and Claudio Vargas provide the Brewers with much needed pitching depth. Capuano will most likely have the inside track for the 5th starting spot, joining Sheets, Suppan, Gallardo and Villanueva in the rotation.

Vargas could possibly spot start and will probably log most of his innings as a long reliever. Who knows what the season will bring? Dave Bush is presently negotiating with the Crew for a one year deal....This very well might get to an arbitrator. If the Brew sign and keep Bush, that's one more pitcher that can start and eat up innings in the pen as well. Let's not forget that Manny Parra will also be battling for a possible starting spot and/or spot in the bullpen.

All of this pitching depth is a good thing. This not only does this give the Brewers more options in their starting rotation and bullpen, it also puts the Crew in a position to make a trade. I love it, Brewer fans!!

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teacher said...

Now the brewers have two players who are juiced up. If they win the division is it because the players are juiced or did they actually win becuase they have "natural" good talent.