Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brewers and Hardy avoid Arbitration; Pitchers and Catchers Report to Arizona

It came down to the wire, but Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin and the Milwaukee Brewers kept their arbitrationless record perfect and signed JJ Hardy to a one year $2.65 million contract. Kudos to the Brew. Now everyone comes to camp signed and focused on winning the division instead of their unsigned contract.

As I've stated in previous posts, I love the looks of this team and feel great about the moves the Crew has made.

I know the Crew got a little bit of uneasy news regarding Yovani Gallardo's slight knee tear, but it looks like things should be rolling for the youngster by the opener. Hopefully the doc can do his magic when Yovani gets scoped. Let's just hope things go as predicted and that they're no surprises concerning Gallardo nor any other player.

The time has come for pitchers and catchers to start working out the kinks and get things started for the Brew. I'm sure the "Doorman" can't wait to get to spring training and leave this freezer we've been living in for the last four months. Spring training starts in two weeks, my friends. Get out to Maryvale with your Brewers tickets in hand and have a couple of brews with the "Doorman". He's much more laid back during spring training!!

Go Crew! What Say You?

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Ms. Pacman said...

I had a dream, I had an awesome dream.
People in the park, playing games in the dark
And what they played was a masquerade
And from behind of walls of doubt a voice was crying out