Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brewers Opening Day 101

Let me first say, I write as a guest to this wonderful Milwaukee Brewers blog. A female guest writer. One who may have a little different perspective as we all prepare for the Crew's home opener at Miller Park.

There have many a Spring day in Milwaukee when I make the formal switch from Green Bay Packers gear to Milwaukee Brewers old-school ball-in-glove gear and head out for a solid day of baseball, beer and brats only to do too much, too fast. With age, comes experience. Pace yourself Brewers fans.

The Brewers take on the Giants at 1:05 Friday, April 4th. That allows for some nice morning beverages and a easy lunchtime transition to ball park beer drinking. A Brewers win would be icing on the cake to a day which formally marks the beginning of Spring in Milwaukee. The Brewers have won four Opening Day games in a row. Let's have 2008, make it five in a row! I would suspect with the crazy demand for Brewers tickets these days, the home field advantage will be obvious.

Take me out to the ballgame...

(ps. check out the tush on #7)

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Tush is a good ZZ Top song.