Thursday, March 6, 2008

Exciting Times At Spring Training For Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers have the looks of a team that has a lot of young talent and depth. Take a look at their position players..... Prince Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, Hall, Braun, Hart make up the their young nucleus and Cameron and Kendall bring solid, veteran play up the middle. The Crew also has a mix of youth and experienced players on the bench with Gwynn, Kapler, Gross, Counsell and Dillon.

The Brewers' pitching staff really has depth. So much so in fact that Ned Yost has some tough decisions to make. Not a bad position to be in, folks. Sheets, Suppan, Capuano, Gallardo, Villanueva, Parra, Bush and Vargas are battling for the five starting rotation spots. Eight possible candidates. Not many teams have the Brewer's mix of youth and veterans and shear number of pitchers competing for these spots.

What is Yost going to do? I'd love to see Sheets, Suppan, Gallardo, Capuano and Manny Parra break camp as the starters with Villanueva the first option to step in if anyone gets hurt or falters. Bush and Vargas should start the year in the pen. Who knows..... Melvin and company might consider moving one of these pitchers for a position player or prospect.

I've never been this excited about the Brewers chances this early in Spring Training. Normally there are more questions as to who is going to fill what position. Barring any major injury(ies), this team should compete at a high level out of the gate and should be right there vying for the top spot in the NL Central.

Get ready for Brewers opening day, folks!! From what I hear, opening day tickets are tough to come by. I stumbled upon this site if you're looking for Milwaukee Brewers Tickets.

Go Brew!!

What say You?


AntiSpy said...

See Here

Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Will Prince beat his home run record this year?

Steve Berg said...

Brewers rotation should be:
Sheets, Suppan, Gallardo, Villanueva, and Bush.

Let Parra take Gallardo's spot in the rotation if he isn't ready to start the season on the 25 man roster.

Vargas and Capuano need to be moved (if possible). I would love to see us trade Capuano for Ryan Freel, as he doesn't have a spot on the Reds team and would be a great super utility guy for us.

Vargas will make the team, because he is out of options, and Capuano should start the season in AAA.