Saturday, April 26, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers Bats Go Silent Once Again; Blanked By Marlins in 10 Innings

Where is this big, explosive offense that was so often talked about and predicted during Spring Training? Right now the big Brewer bats are M.I.A., to say the least!

One run in its last 19 innings is what the Crew has put across the plate. Its offense is currently anemic! A team .245 average with only 69 walks and 164 strikeouts? A .313 OBP? Pathetic!!

Obviously the team is struggling and pressing offesively. What troubles me even more than this is the fact that Yost refuses to try to manufacture runs with small ball. If your team is struggling to score runs and it's the 7th inning or later and the game is tied or a one run ball game, why wouldn't you move the runner over to second base to get into scoring position? It's mind boggling to me! Bunt, Ned!! Can someone please explain to me why the Brewers aren't moving runners over late in games while they continue to struggle offesively?

From the 6th inning on last night, the Marlins tried to bunt four out the last five innings. The Brewers didn't attempt a sacrifice once last night. In fact, The Brewers have only attempted one bunt in the last 19 innings. Am I missing something here?

I would imagine the Brewers will break out of their huge offesive drought soon. At least I hope so. But in the interim, let's hope Yost finds the baseball intelligence that he so desperately lacks and starts moving runners over.

Get out to Miller Park today and/or tomorrow and try to get the Crews bats going. Let 'em here you, people.

What say you?


Michael Seff said...

Man the Brewers frustrate me. I've been picking them to go far the last few years and they always seem to come up short despite a very talented roster. I think the bullpen needs major fixing. Gagne is not the answer.


Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

The Brewers bats are hot on a 38 degree night in Chicago. Things are looking up!