Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brewers can't dodge the Dodgers

Heads up to those regular readers of this blog. I write as an invited guest of the original Brewers Fan. I got nothing on this guy. I mean, he's got the shiny Brewers jacket. I can't compete. Not with my Kohls-issued #7 shirt.

Why would super hotty JJ Hardy swing on 3-1 in the bottom of the 8th when the Milwaukee Brewers are down 6-0? That is the question of the afternoon. The Brewers were successful holding the Dodgers at bay until the ugly 7th inning. Before we got back to our seats with a couple ice cold ones, the Dodgers put 6 runs on the board. What?

Ben Sheets was pitching today for the Crew at Miller Park. He clearly fell apart as we quenched our thirst. Sheets allowed six runs off nine hits. I am a chick and I know that is never good. The Brewers Olympic pitcher ended his first 4-0 start of his career today.

On a positive note, the Milwaukee Brewers today announced a signed deal with Ryan Braun locking him up for the next eight years. He has been hot lately; knocking another one out of the park in today's game. Speaking of hot; he is giving JJ a run for his money.

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