Monday, May 5, 2008

Brewers Get Swept Out of Houston After Winning Two In Chicago

Wow! What a difference a series can make. After the Brewers stole game three of a three game series in Chicago this past Thursday (Taking the Series 2-1), The Crew folded in Houston on Sunday losing to the Astros 8-6 in 12 innings. The Brewers ended up getting swept, 3-0.

The Brewers are now 16-15 and limp into Miami to face the Marlins for another three game series.

It's been a real tough week for the Crew, folks..... It started out decent when the Brewers took two out of three in Chicago. The joy of winning the series did not last long, however. On Friday the Brewers announced that Yovani Gallardo tore his ACL and will most likely be without his services for the rest of the year.

The Brewers lost the first two games in Houston on Friday and Saturday and looked to get out of town with one win before heading to Florida. Things were looking pretty good Sunday afternoon after the 4th inning. The Brewers were up 6-2 and had Ben Sheets on the mound.
Sheets started the 7th inning and left the game down 6-4. Shouse and Mota did their jobs in the 7th and 8th. Then Eric Gagne took over and tried to close things down in the 9th.
Let's just say things didn't go very well.

Eric Gagne walked three and gave up two runs, sending the Brewers into extra innings for the ninth time this season. It was Gagne's fifth blown save this year. It was all heartbreak in exta frames, folks. The Crew lost 8-6 in 12.

Bright spots: Mike Cameron joined the Brewers after serving his 25 game suspension and immediately made a positive impact. Cameron socked three homeruns, looked good at the plate, played a solid centerfield and will give the Brewers good veteran leadership.

Ben Sheets seems to have put his sore triceps behind him and has pitched well enough to have six wins. He has four.

Dark Clouds: Losing Gallardo for the year is a major, major blow. Yovani is a super solid number two and will be sorely missed. Frankly, I have a hard time seeing the Brewers taking the division without Yovani. I hope they prove me wrong.

The Brewers offense has been offensive! The Crew isn't in the top ten in any offensive category. Pathetic!! Except for Hart, Kendall, Kapler, Cameron and Counsell, the Brewers offensive players have been horrible.

Sunday's game was a perfect example of what has been going on all year. The Crew takes the lead early and then doesn't score another run. The Brew was up 6-2 after four innings and then had only two hits for the next 8 innings. Not being able to tack on add-on runs has been a major trend. This is a big time problem, people!

If the Brewers hope to have any chance in the NL Central, they are going to have to more consistantly score runs. Five to Six runs per game is going to have to be common place for Crew to have a good chance to win.

Let's get it going in Florida, Crew!! Don't sell your Brewers tickets and try to stay positive.

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