Friday, May 9, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers Get Swept Out of Miami; Go 2-7 On Trip

Right now the Milwaukee Brewers are not a good baseball team. You can talk about all their potential and what great young players they have, etc., etc., ya da ya da........ The bottom line is that right now this team is dreadfully under performing.

16-18. The worst offensive numbers across the board in the National League. A scary, ever increasing starter e.r.a. Most recently, four runs scored in the last three games. Not pretty, folks! This team is in an old fashioned "funk". I'll tell ya what's real scary...... The St. Louis Cardinals come to Miller Park today for a four game series.

In fairness to the Crew, The Brewers have played 21 of their first 34 games on the road and against good teams.

I'm just hoping the Crew can turn things around this homestand. Let's start it out with a win tonight.

What Say You?

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Ms. Pacman said...

Nice insight in to the Brewers fella...Hopefully, they will get back in to the swing of things. (pun intended) (Hi JJ!)