Thursday, June 5, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers Sweep Diamondbacks After Sweeping Astros

Tell me the Brewers didn't need some good old fashioned home cooking. Well, the Crew helped themselves to three and four helpings of their favorite family recipes and promptly went 8-1 on this latest homestand.

The Milwaukee Brewers got great starting pitching, timely and abundant hitting and great relief from the bullpen. They finally put it all together and have a lot to feel good about as they get ready to head to Denver and Houston for a six game roadtrip against the Rockies and Astros.

Let's hope the Brewers can stay hot and get things started on the road. This team has too much talent to perform so poorly away from Miller Park. The Doorman, me and five other Brewer degenerates are heading to Denver today to help the Crew get some much needed road wins.

Let's Go Brew Crew!!

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Mike said...

Great to see a sweet going into an off day!

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