Monday, September 15, 2008

AdioYost!! - Brewers Fire Manager

Well, Well, Well........Bye, bye Ned Yost. After seeing the Crew go 3 - 11 in September and experiencing another classic September "Tank Job", Brewer management has cried Uncle and canned the worst manager in baseball.

I guess the four game sweep in Philadelphia at the hands of the surging Phillies was the last straw.

It's about time, folks!! I've never liked Yost and I think he should have been fired last year.

You've got to love the Brewers' brass for having the stones to fire their manager on 9/15.

Let's go to Chicago re-charged and give it to the Cubs!


Robert Greenfield said...

You know what? Good. I wanted Yost to succeed, but it just wasn't happening. Although we didn't win last night, there was definitely some fire in their loins. Tonight is yet another test - will they replicate/intensify that desire or will they fold like a wet beer napkin.

Masons said...

here's one yankee fan who's with you brew crew!

i'm pulling for you to make this the worst day in shea history!

i just started a blog with some sports and on other stuff.