Monday, November 3, 2008

Brewers Name Ken Macha New Manager; Retain Dale Sveum

The Milwaukee Brewers have named Ken Macha the newBrewer manager. Macha had good success with a young, developing team in Oakland from '02 - '06. Oakland's lack of funds really handcuffed Macha's ability to get the Athletics to the next level. I think an $80 - 90 million payroll in Milwaukee will give Macha a real chance to take a young, talented squad to the playoffs.

I like that the Brewers have decided to retain the services of Dale Sveum. It didn't look like Sveum was going to stick around after the Crew named Macha as the new team manager. Sveum gets to try his luck as batting coach. He certainly can't do any worse than Skaalen did. Maybe Dale can get these "free swingers" to be more patient and get their strikeout numbers down. The players like Sveum and I'm happy he's coming back.

The Brewers also announced today that they are going to excercise Mike Cameron's option for 2009 for $10 million. We'll have to see how that works out. The Brewers don't have many options in centerfield and Cameron was very solid defensively. Cameron also showed good power with 25 homers despite not playing in April. Hopefully, Sveum can get Cam to strikeout less than 142 times and get his average up to .260.

It will be quite interesting to see the next number of moves the Brewers make.... or don't make.

What do you think Brewer Fans?


Steve Berg said...

Cameron at $10 million per year is a steal. He was ranked the 33rd best outfielder in the game last year in RC/27 and 31st in OPS.

He will strike out a ton, but he will hit with enough power to negate his low batting average. Not to mention that he has one of the better rovers in CF in the National League.

Steve Berg said...