Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zduriencik Gets Mariners Job

Congratulations are in order for Jack Zduriencik. Zduriencik was just named the new general manager for the Seattle Mariners. Jack sure deserves the chance to run a major league ballclub. Good luck, Jack. The Brewers and I are going to miss you. The Crew sure has some big shoes to fill, folks.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brewers Sign Melvin Through 2012; Decide to Replace Svuem as Mangager

The Brewers have extended Doug Melvin's contract through 2012. I think it's a great move, folks! In my opinion, Melvin is one of the top three general managers in baseball. He has an uncanny eye for talent and he isn't afraid to make moves. Mark Attanasio and company were quick and smart to shore up this talent, especially since it looks like they are about to lose the talented Jack Zduriencik. Zduriencik is being considered for the Seattle Mariners general manager position. Jack is a superstar and will be sorrily missed when he gets scooped up.

Melvin and company have decided to go another direction on the managerial front. Dale Sveum is going to re replaced. I like Sveum, but I agree with the Brewers decision to sign a more seasoned manager. I would like to see Sveum retained as a bench and/or base coach. As Melvin has stated, Dale is a solid baseball guy that the players like and respect. I think that Sveum will make a solid manager in the next few years.

I know there is a lot of speculation out there as far as who the Brewers are going to go after and try to sign. Let me just throw one name out there that I have not seen nor heard in the mix as of yet (I wouldn't be surprised is he's on Melvin's short list).........LARRY BOWA!!

Larry Bowa is a no nonsense, hard nosed baseball kind of guy. I think that is the exact kind of mangaer this young and talented team needs.

What do you folks think? Who would you like as the next Brewer manager?