Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Good Year for Brewers; Will 2009?

The Milwaukee Brewers and their fans had a lot to be thankful for in 2008. The Brewers made the Post Season for the first time since 1982. The Crew competed hard and management went out and spent some money to give the Brew the chance to make the playoffs.

What moves will Doug Melvin and company make prior to the '09 season? There are still a number of decent free agents out there. Any shot of Ben Sheets signing with the Brew?

Keep the faith, Brewer fans! Think possitively!!

Have a Happy New Year.

Go Crew!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sabathia Signs With Yankees; Yanks and Brewers Talk Trade

Well the winner of the C.C. Sabathia sweepstakes is.....The New York Yankees! The Bronx Bombers gave Sabathia a huge $161 Million contract over seven years, with a three year out-clause. Wow! The Brewers couldn't touch that offer, but they deserve credit for getting in the C.C. auction. They certainly gave it the old college try.

Late last week the Yankees and Brewers were tossing around a trade that would send Mike Cameron to New York and Melky Cabrera to Milwaukee. If this deal goes down, the Crew would probably end up saving about $8 million in salary for '09 (Cameron is due $10 million and Cabrera's salary is $400 K, but is due to have a salary bump after signing). The deal currently has hit a snag, with the Yankees asking the Brewers to pick up some of Cameron's salary.

Cameron did a terrific job for the Brewers. He played a tremendous centerfield, banged out 25 homeruns and was a great influence on the younger players. The Brew would certainly miss Cam, but Cabrera would give the Brewers another lefthanded option at the plate and his lower salary is tempting. The salary flexibility could give the Brewers a shot at some needed pitching.

What do you think, folks?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Meetings Start Today; Milwaukee Brewers Sign Coffey after Julio

As the snow begins to fly on Monday afternoon in Milwaukee, the MLB Winter Meetings have officially begun in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. The Brewers have avoided arbitration with Todd Coffey and signed him to a one year $800,000 ++ contract. Coffee pitched well for the Crew in September and gives the Brewers another reliable, strong arm in the bullpen. I say another arm, since the Brewers already signed Jorge Julio last week to a non-guraranteed one-year contract worth $950,000 plus additional performance based bonuses worth up to another $950,000. Julio has to make the Opening Day roster to claim his 950 K.

The biggest free-agent out there is none other than C.C. Sabathia. Rumor has it that the Brewers might be offering Sabathia a six-year deal with a possible opt-out clause after the second or third season. Doug Melvin is to meet with representatives for Sabathia later today.
Wow! If the Brewers had/have any chance of signing C.C., one would think that the Crew would have to come up with a deal that gives Sabathia as much flexibility as possible... Especially if C.C. leaves $$$ on the table from other suitors.

Let's hope we get some great, surprising news out of the desert, folks!!

Go Brew Crew!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Brewers Offer Arbitration to Sabathia, Sheets and Shouse

Now it's all up to the market, folks? The Milwaukee Brewers made the deadline this afternoon and offered arbitration to C.C. Sabathia, Ben Sheets and Brian Shouse. The Brewers will have to play the waiting game and see what other clubs have to offer.

The next couple of weeks could get real interesting. Sabathia will probably end up on one of the coasts. It would be awesome to see him come back, but I just don't think the Crew can afford the $$$$$$$$. I think the Brew has a chance to sign Sheets. Shouse has pitched real well for the Brewers the last couple of seasons.........I think he's probably gone.

What do you think?