Thursday, October 1, 2009

Milwaukee Brewers Update for 2009

There is always next year for Milwaukee Brewers fans and still a few Milwaukee Brewers tickets to be scanned at Miller Park. Unfortunately, this season the Brewers weren’t lucky enough to make it to the playoffs like last year. If you take out the so-so pitching staff, it seems that they had all of their cards in place and fans behind them until the last half of the season. The month of September seemed to be an increasing downfall for the team with only 13 wins of their 27 games played. All things were beautiful until after the All Star break. Last night the Brewers took on the Colorado Rockies again after a 7-5 loss the night prior to that.

One thing Brewers fans have to keep their spirits up as the season comes to an end is the many accomplishments of Prince Fielder. Specifically he was just noted as the only Iron Man left, meaning he is the only major league player to have started all 153 games this season so far. It’s hard to imagine the strength, determination and drive it takes to deal with the aches and pains accumulated throughout a season and never ask for, or need a day off.
Brewer’s first baseman Prince Fielder also should be noted for his great stats and ranking this season. His batting average thus far is .297/.406 OBP which ranks him at 6th in the National League. He also managed to rank 3rd in the National League for scoring 43 home runs. With the Milwaukee Brewers facing two more games against the Rockies it is then the final three games against the Cardinals this weekend, we hope for the best and support the team, and hope for playoff time next season.

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