Friday, November 6, 2009

Brewers Trade JJ Hardy for Carlos Gomez

The Milwaukee Brewers have traded fan favorite J.J. Hardy to the Minnesota Twins for Outfielder Carlos Gomez. I like it, folks.

The Brewers have now made room for Alcides Escobar to become their starter at shortstop. I think it was just a matter of time and there is no better time than the present. Escobar is going to be a stud and he needed to be the 2010 starter. He didn't need Hardy breathing down his neck.

It's no secret the Brewers were shopping Hardy. I think, though, a number of fans were expecting starting pitching in return. The Brewers tried to get pitching, but no team was willing to give up a decent starter in this "pitching starved market".

The Crew did the next best thing and secured a young, quality centerfielder in Carlos Gomez. It's true that Gomez underperfomed at the plate in Minnesota, but his fielding was very strong. He committed only one error in 80+ games. I know that Mike Cameron did a terrific job in centerfield and was a great leader for the Brewers, but Milwaukee was going to have a very difficult time signing Cameron to a deal that it could truly afford.

Sensing that it was going to be difficult to both sign Cameron and Starting pitching, the Brewer Brass made a bold move and signed a young, athletic and cheap centerfielder and saved money that they can now spend on some starting pitching.

There is no question the the Brewers have taken a significant chance on Gomez. He has not been able to prove that he can consistantly hit major league hitting. This is troubling, but it doesn't mean he can't. If you want an example of a young, speedy, athletic and hitting challenged centerfielder, look no further than the Houston Astro's Michael Bourn.

Bourn was your typical "punch and Judy" hitter that couldn't effectively use his speed on the base paths because he couldn't get on first base. That was....Until last season. The Astros coaching staff worked hard with Bourn and he had a solid year, hitting .285, collecting 173 hits and stealing 61 bags.

I'm not saying Carlos Gomez is going to put up the numbers Bourn did in '09, but I do think that he can improve significantly.

This move gives the Milwaukee Brewers roster a lot of flexiblity. Money can now be spent on their very much challenged starting pitching staff.

What do you think, folks?

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