Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Milwaukee Brewers Playoff Hopes Rely on Weeks and Gomez

The Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder is locked in for another two seasons. Why are fans worried about his departure from the Brewers organization already? It’s the fear of the big market money that could easily draw Fielder away. Let’s be honest, Milwaukee does not have Yankees money. In the meantime, Fielder is saying all the right things. He claims that he’s happy in Milwaukee, and he wants to win here at Miller Park.
The desire to “win this season” is words that Prince uses quite often. How does the Brewers organization make that happen? It’s all about the pitching.

The subject of the Brewers pitching situation has been covered in depth. So far, the Brewers have added Doug Davis to the lineup. Will he help to bring down the dismal 5.37 ERA? It can’t get any worse. Randy Wolf and Doug Davis are both lefties who combined for over 45 starts last season. Add Manny Parra to the “lefties” club and it raises my hopes for a lower overall ERA.

The Miller Park fans then look at what we gave up in offense. Mike Cameron and J.J. Hardy were both destined to be traded away, or let go. Carlos Gomez will replace Cameron, and the fact that he will be playing every day should improve his output. Giving up two solid positional players in order to gain on the pitching side is supposedly offset by Rickie Weeks. Weeks had a hot bat before the injury. The 2010 Milwaukee Brewers playoff hopes will be dashed if that hot bat goes cold this season.

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