Friday, March 26, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers and Jim Edmonds for 2010

Four-time All Star Jim Edmonds was added to the Brewers active roster today. Back in January, he was brought on at the minor league level, and now he's back in the big leagues. His prime years were arguably 1997 to 2005, but this 40 year old center fielder may fit in just fine here in Milwaukee. After all, the guy just drove in five runs on Tuesday!

Word is that the veterans who do stay in Milwaukee like the feel of the clubhouse. Is it management, or is it the exciting young players that they get to play with? It's probably both. Edmonds is certainly not too old to play baseball, as he turns 40 this summer. Besides, he's just a back up center fielder. Carlos Gomez is our main man in that position. Who is getting the boot? Scott Schoeneweis, the veteran pitcher didn't make the cut.

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