Friday, May 14, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers May Update

Our Milwaukee Brewers have the worst home record in baseball right now. At 4-11, we're scratching our heads. What will it take to fire up our Brewers at Miller Park?

As the Phillies come to town for a three game home stand, we see that the Brew Crew got swept by Atlanta. The last thing our team needs is a "desperate for a win" feeling. Randy Wolf has to snap this ugly losing streak.

Wolf goes up against Jamie Moyer tonight, and right now it looks like a Narveson VS Blanton match up tomorrow afternoon. The final game should be Doug Davis facing Cole Hamels. Davis is riding a 9.0 ERA right now. Joe Blanton is 1-1 with an ERA over six. We will keep our thoughts positive when it comes to Trevor Hoffman. If he comes in to close, we just cross our fingers and close our eyes.

Meanwhile, back in Kansas City, the face of Neddy Yost poppe up. Trey Hillman said "see ya" as he got the boot. Macha says he's happy for old Ned. Uecker is healing up nicely, and we await his return. Get your butts down to Miller Park this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice, and this crappy home record is due to change for the better.