Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yovani Gallardo Hits Third Home Run of the Season | Astros VS Brewers Game Three Tonight

Yovani Gallardo hit home run number three of the season last night. He gave up four runs to the lowly Astros, but no matter, The Brewers pulled it out. Game three is tonight.
Let's go back to Monday Night. I would have thought that a comfortable three run lead was all that the Brewers needed in order to win game one. By the top of the eighth, I was ready to vomit. Brewers go down in flames in game one.
Okay, now I have that sour taste in my mouth, as game two began last night. The Crew goes up by five, and I'm not falling for it again. Sure enough, the Astros score three in the top of the fifth. Both teams score a run in the sixth, and I'm starting to feel pretty good when Axford takes the mound in the ninth. Astros score one, Axford gives up a double, walks a man, and I'm tempted to tourn off the radio. A ground out ends the game. Axford has eight saves on the season.