Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yovani Gallardo Meltdown at Miller Park

Yovani Gallardo wouldn't look up. He was obviously having issues with getting his pitches off the middle of the plate. He couldn't work the edges to save his life. The only highlight was the home run he hit in the second inning. I hoped to see him crack a smile as he rounded the bases, but no go.

Narveson goes to the mound today for this Brewers VS Reds match up at Miller Park. Chris Narveson is 8-6 currently, with an ERA of 5.93. Travis Wood has pitched a grand total of 32.2 innings for the Reds. Sometimes the new guy can fool the batters.

Last night's loss was the first at Miller Park in quite a while. The Brewers had won their last seven home games before going down in flames last night. The Brewers are currently 48-54, and the glimmer of playoff hopes still shines. The Brew Crew needs to shake off the loss, and move on.

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