Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brewers VS Cubs Was Just The Remedy

When was the last time that the Brewers VS Cubs game was that fun to watch? When was the last time that both Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder were five for five in the same game? Milwaukee hit a season-high of 26 hits last night. Heck, I stopped watching when the score was 10-1. I had no idea that Milwaukee would go on to score eight more. You just know that Gallardo was looking to redeem himself after the horrid performance he had prior to this start.
The only low light was seeing Carlos Gomez get smacked in the head. He complained of dizziness after a CT scan came up clean. No doubt that he was going to feel the effects of that 91 m.p.h. pitch. Schlitter was not going after Gomez, and it wasn't as if he was crowding the plate. It happens. Knowing this Brew Crew, we might see another low scoring affair tonight, because this team is streaky.

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