Friday, March 26, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers and Jim Edmonds for 2010

Four-time All Star Jim Edmonds was added to the Brewers active roster today. Back in January, he was brought on at the minor league level, and now he's back in the big leagues. His prime years were arguably 1997 to 2005, but this 40 year old center fielder may fit in just fine here in Milwaukee. After all, the guy just drove in five runs on Tuesday!

Word is that the veterans who do stay in Milwaukee like the feel of the clubhouse. Is it management, or is it the exciting young players that they get to play with? It's probably both. Edmonds is certainly not too old to play baseball, as he turns 40 this summer. Besides, he's just a back up center fielder. Carlos Gomez is our main man in that position. Who is getting the boot? Scott Schoeneweis, the veteran pitcher didn't make the cut.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers and Mat Gamel Lose Big Time

Mat Gamel is out for at least 45 days after tearing up his shoulder. He's been out of commission since the second week of March, and that puts his return around ten days into April. There will be no competing for third base.

It was a bad day all around for Milwaukee. Brewers batters struck out 16 times, and Manny Parra gave up five runs. Brewers lose to the Rangers 6-4. A bright spot in this story is Yovani Gallardo's pitching.

Yovani played four great innings back on March 16th. She struck out five in that game. This year, Gallardo wants to be the opening day starter. He was under too much pressure last season, and this year he wants the nod.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day At Miller Park | Will Good Things Come Their Way in 2010?

We're just over three weeks from the Milwaukee Brewers opening day at Miller Park. As the Brewers finished just two games under .500 last year, what are the expectations of fans and coaches? The offense was good enough, but the pitching was not even close to passable.First, Milwaukee picked up Randy Wolf. We have him for the next three years, so he better come through. Wolf was solid for the Dodgers, and his win record for last season does not match up with his ERA and WHIP. Doug Davis is back, and we need him. He won nine games as a Diamondback last year. His ERA is a bit high, but if you add him to the mix of Gallardo, and Wolf, it's an improvement.

Second, we need Rickie Weeks to stay healthy. How do you measure the impact Weeks would have had in 2009 seeing that he went out so early in the season. He was hot when he went down, but he could have gone south like Corey Hart. We don't know how the season would have gone, and we can only look forward. Hart is most likely going to get his batting back in order, and with Weeks doing well, we should be ok.

Third, Ken Macha had a tough time with his rotation. He's a winning coach, and the 2009 Brewers outcome was atypical of what he's used to seeing. The A's were winners, and Ken had something to do with that. Ken has a bit more to work with when it comes to pitchers, a positive outlook with Weeks and Hart, and good management style. I don't see the Brewers playing any worse than last season, and look for them to finish about eight games above .500.