Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dismal Brewers VS Cubs Series Angers Brewers Bats | Bring On Pittsburgh

What's worse than seeing 15,000 Cubs fans at Miller Park? Watching them go home night after night with a victory to gloat over. The Brewers fell flat at home.
Jeff Suppan now heads to the bullpen, and that's probably a good idea. When you have an ERA of 8.68, you have to be pulled from the mound. Is it that bad? 16 hits spread out over nine innings tells me yes, it's that bad. The fast ball he throws is easily ten miles per hour too slow. The demotion was a good move.

What's the bright spot? Crushing the Pirates with 17 runs did the trick for now. Ken Macha will have to find a way to get his pitching staff back on track. This terrible pitching can't continue.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Brewers VS Cubs at Miller Park | Hoping the Brew Crew Scores 20 Runs Again Tonight

Yes, it's Brewers VS Cubs tonight. The Cubs come to down, and stay all weekend. Chicago fans will once again invade our home turf. After losing four games, the Cubs started to panic. After blowing leads, the Brewers lost their share as well. The elixir for Milwaukee was the hapless Pittsburgh Pirates.

Milwaukee roughed up Pittsburgh in game one, game two, and then the final blow for the Pirates was the 20-0 beat down in game three. Ryan Braun would be my series MVP, if I had the power to make that so. Against Pittsburgh, Braun was 7-11, hit two homers, and drove in eight. This was similar to his efforts at Chicago, as he was 9-14 with seven RBI's in that series.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Randy Wolf Miller Park Victory

Randy Wolf had trouble with left handed batters last night at Miller Park. Six lefties had hits last night. Wolf's solid 2.96 ERA when pitching against Rockies batters will surely rise after this outing. No matter, McGehee crushed a three run homer in the first, and the Brewers battled their way to a Miller Park victory. The Brewers have nothing but respect for this 2010 Rockies team.

Milwaukee gets a day off this Thursday, and then the Cardinals come to town. From there, the team heads to Chicago for the Cub's home opener. That three game series is broken up with a day off on April 13. Scanning the Milwaukee Brewers 2010 Schedule, I see no other series that is broken up by a day off.