Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dave Bush Blames Everyone for Poor Performance in 2010

After yesterday's loss to the Dodgers, Dave Bush said one thing that really bothered me. He included everyone on the mound when it came to consistency. "It's not just me" he said. As true as that statement is, I would rather see a player look inward and stay there. Don't even bring up the other player's woes. Concentrate on your game, and your game alone.

Bush gave up a monster shot in the second, three hits to Rod Barajas that included another home run, and the Brewers go down once again. Rickie Weeks tied the game in the fifth, but the Dodgers just had to keep working over Bush, and it went their way.
Where is the silver lining in all of this? Carlos Gomez' return to the club is most certainly a good thing. He was not missed however, as Lorenzo Cain proved his worth. Cain Stays, Gomez moves to right field. Let the competition begin! I have just a few Miller Park tickets left for this season, and I'm going to enjoy every game.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Milwaukee Brewers Fail to Sign Dylan Covey as Health Issue Arises

Some Brewers fans were surprised to read that Dylan Covey passed up a 2+ million dollar contract. Covey opted for the college route, after learning that he has type 1 diabetes. It's not an easy thing to learn how to handle a health issue, and work your way up through baseball's minor league system.
The Brewers will get a compensation pick, unprotected of course. As the Brewers moved on to their 13th round pick Mike White, we are left to wonder if that unprotected compensation pick will work out in the long run.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brewers VS Cubs Was Just The Remedy

When was the last time that the Brewers VS Cubs game was that fun to watch? When was the last time that both Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder were five for five in the same game? Milwaukee hit a season-high of 26 hits last night. Heck, I stopped watching when the score was 10-1. I had no idea that Milwaukee would go on to score eight more. You just know that Gallardo was looking to redeem himself after the horrid performance he had prior to this start.
The only low light was seeing Carlos Gomez get smacked in the head. He complained of dizziness after a CT scan came up clean. No doubt that he was going to feel the effects of that 91 m.p.h. pitch. Schlitter was not going after Gomez, and it wasn't as if he was crowding the plate. It happens. Knowing this Brew Crew, we might see another low scoring affair tonight, because this team is streaky.