Monday, October 31, 2011

Which Brewers Free Agents Will Move On to Other Teams

Prince Fielder

It pretty much goes without saying that the first Milwaukee Brewers free agent to leave for big money will be Prince Fielder. He said throughout the playoffs that he will see what happens for the Brewers before making his decision. The Brewers lost to the Cardinals, so it looks like he would be moving on. The Brewers can't pay him what he deserves, and 2012 will not be a victory tour for the Brewers.

Which Brewers Free Agents Will Jump Ship

Yuniesky Betancourt will probably test the waters, and some fans would have no problem with that. His "swing at the first pitch" style really bothered Miller Park fans. Personally, I would love to see Hairston Jr. to stay. He showed poise during the playoffs, and they need someone to take care of McGehee's spot. Sorry Casey, but I think that the Brewers need to send you down.

As for Rodriguez and Saito, it would be nice to keep at least one of the two. Salary issues will come into play at some point. Still, the Brewers looked good, and that might attract some free agents their way. It's a long way to March 2012. We'll see what develops during the winter meetings.

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nectarsis said...

I personally like Yuni, and he had some nice production during the playoffs. I am a firm believer in keeping Hariston for 3rd.