Friday, February 17, 2012

When Will We Learn the Fate of Ryan Braun?

Milwaukee Brewers Ryan BraunRyan Braun might report to spring training without knowing the fate of his impending 50-game suspension. Initially, it was reported that the decision of Braun's appeal would be announced within a 25 day period. It's been a month and Braun is slated to report to Brewers spring training next Friday. He might begin working out with the team without knowing whether or not he will start in the regular season. Does this delay in a final decision mean that Braun might not be suspended after all? It's best not read into things like that, but I can't help but wonder if the delayed decision will result in good news.

Regardless of the decision, Braun is able to suit up and participate in spring training. If his suspension is upheld, he will miss 50 games with the Milwaukee Brewers and will not be allowed to suit up at all in that time period. If the Brewers start the season without Braun, they need to focus on the team's strengths and not the loss of Ryan Braun.

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