Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Ryan Braun Debacle, Unexpected Morale Booster for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Was the Ryan Braun debacle an unexpected morale booster for the Milwaukee Brewers? I know it's difficult to see any positive in what I like to call the "Ryan Braun debacle," but I think the whole situation actually boasted the morale of the Milwaukee Brewers. Let me explain.

As we all know, the Brewers had an exciting 2011 season. Just as Brewers fans were still riding the highs of a great season that ran into October, Ryan Braun was named MVP. It couldn't get any better for Brewers fans. We knew that down the road Prince Fielder would be leaving, but we wanted to bask in the glory of Ryan Braun and the Brewers' success.

Then came the announcement that Ryan Braun failed a drug test. Ouch. That one stung. How could he?! Then came the announcement that Prince Fielder signed with the Detroit Tigers for a gazillion dollars. Another blow to the collective ego of Brewers fans. The reality of the end of the Prince Fielder era in Milwaukee had started to sink in.

Now, there was a gaping hole in the roster thanks to Prince Fielder and Braun faced a 50 game suspension. (Though he had appealed the decision, no player in the history of baseball had ever won such an appeal.) For all intents and purposes, the Brewers had lost two key players. Things were looking very grim for the Brewers and the 2012 season hadn't even started yet. Spring training hadn't even started yet!

Then, Ryan Braun won his appeal. The Brewers could let out a deep sigh of relief knowing that their star slugger would not have to miss 50 games. Braun joined his teammates in Arizona and Brewers fans around the country rejoiced. The Brewers are entering into their season rejuvenated at the fact that Braun has won and they won't have to start making plans for his absence. I think this gave a much-needed boost to the Brewers' morale and they will enter their 2012 season with a vengeance.

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