Friday, July 27, 2012

Axford and Thornburg Pitch Well Against Cardinals

John Axford Pitcher
Two pitchers received high praise after they helped to bring about a series win against the Brewers division rivals, St. Louis. Starters John Axford and Tyler Thornburg held their own against the league's best hitting team. After blowing his sixth game the season when pitching against the Cardinals, former closer Axford was demoted to a mid-game starter. He waited for his chance to make up for things, and it came during the fifth inning, relieving his young counterpart, Thornburg.
He began his inning-and-a-third tenure striking out a swinging Lance Berkman to wrap up the fifth. He then impressed in the sixth, giving up just a single base to Matt Carpenter. The veteran forced a pair of batters to flyout during the inning, as well as keeping a grounder low enough for the outfield to make a play at first on Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright.

Manager Ron Roenicke told reporters after the game that he is extremely happy that Axford pitched a productive game just days after his demotion. The pitcher, too, was pleased with his performance, telling media that he just focused on the moment at hand. While Axford claimed the win, the relative new-comer, Thornburg, pitched the brunt of the game. The righty threw a whopping 103 pitches over four-and-half innings, giving up two solo homers. That pair of boomers was the seventh of his so-far twelve innings in the big leagues, though his other numbers make-up for that. Thornburg struck out five on that day, and gave up an equal amount of hits, though none scored. He did walk four, but some leniency must be given, seeing as the young starter last appeared on the mound nearly a month ago, and only has two starts since early June.

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