Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prince Fielder Home Run Derby Winner for 2012

Former Brewers first basemen Prince Fielder became the second most successful player in the MLB's annual Home Run Derby. Fielder (now with the Detroit Tigers,)won his second trophy at Monday's contest in Kauffman Stadium. He beat out Toronto's Jose Bautista in the finals, hitting twelve balls over the fence, Bautista managed just seven. The victory marks the first basemen's first win at the Derby since 2009. Fielder stepped up his game in the last rounds of the contest, hitting twenty-three of his twenty-eight homers in the final two rounds. He put just five over the wall in the opening round of the Derby, barely slipping into fourth place for the last spot in the semifinals. Bautista led after the first round, belting eleven home runs.

The Dodgers Mark Trumbo and the Cardinals Carlos Beltran tied for second and third place after the initial series, each hitting seven. Fielder took Beltran out in the semifinals, hitting eleven home runs to his opponent's five. Defending champion Robinson Cano had the worst time at the contest, putting ten hits short of the wall in front of a cheering crowed of non-supporters. Cano was ridiculed by boos as he off the field, as the local Kansas City Royals fans heckled the American League captain for failing to choose the team's Billy Butler to participate in the Derby.

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